Head Strap Compatible with Quest-2 with 5300mAh Battery

Lightweight and Convenient Design:Sonicgrace designed a dedicated battery pack for the quest 2 VR host which is only 0.3lb, the burden on the head and face is significantly reduced. And the 5300mAh battery pack adopts magnetic quick-release design and can be detached and charged easily.

Ultra Comfort Design: The Sonicgrace for quest 2 head strap adopts wider and thicker, soft PU leather foam strap cushion, TPU breathable honeycomb head pad and gravity balance and distributed design.Providing your ultra comfort experience for long hours game playing, reduce head and face pressure. Explore a newly comfort VR head strap trip.

Adjustable and Knob Design: One-button to loosen the quest 2 head strap then use the knob button to fasten the head strap for easily adjusting it to fit your head circumference. The adjustable Oculus 2 head strap is perfect for both child and adult.

Durable and Hassle-free Warranty: The side strap is made of upgraded polymer material which is eco-friendly and incredibly strong can withstand over 10,000 bends and won’t breaking, focusing on your game without worrying about the strap failure.

Upgrade reduce pressure design

Designed for Meta Quest 2, the buckle can flip up 180°, switch between VR world and real world in one second. Press the tail button-extend the length, rotate the knob-shorten the length, suitable head circumference (49cm-67cm, 19.3-26.4 inches).

The strong magnetic suction design fixed firmly the battery on the head strap for cyclic charging and power supply.

5300mAh Magnetic Battery Pack

The magnetic connect 5300mAh battery pack for quest 2 head strap is adopts industrial-rank high energy density battery with enhanced working efficiency, it can provide 4-6 hours (APP depends) of VR time, and it only takes 3 hours for fully charge via the USB-C port. And the battery pack can also charge other USB-C device as a power bank.

Gravity Balance

Weight: 153g, easy to carry; Ergonomic design, the headband fits the head and the gravity is evenly dispersed in different positions of the head, to reduce facial pressure and prevent sliding. One-button to loosen the quest 2 head strap then use the knob button to fasten the head strap for easily adjusting it to fit your head circumference.

Easy to Install

Simply attach the head strap to the arms on either side of the Oculus headset and insert it as far as possible. The head strap is so secure and dependable that you can use it without worrying about slipping out of place during play.

High-quality Material

Detachable Waterproof Breathable Memory Sponge Pad, made of skin-friendly leather, no squeeze feeling, improve wearing comfort (can be wiped but not washed). Equipped with detachable honeycomb pad, which can fix firmly the back of the head.

Package Included

1 x Quest 2 Head Strap

1 x Battery Pack

1 x TPU Breathable Honeycomb Head Pad

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

Enjoy the fun of VR

Don’t want your VR headset to fall off while playing? Try Sonicgrace quest 2 head strap! Optimized for VR gaming, our upgraded elite strap for Oculus Quest 2 is only 153g, taking your headset and head into one, lighter, more compact! Even long hair won’t get caught in the rear fit wheel, Just have fun in VR without worries!