Facial Interface Bracket Face Cover for Quest 2

Upgraded Comfort Design: Sonicgrace facial interface bracket compatible with quest-2 is using stronger and durable frame. Designed for breathability and comfort, the removable foam face pad improves immersion and comfort when you playing, elevate your VR experience.

∙ Easy Installation: The protein leather VR face covers are 3D shape, perfect fit your face without irritation on your face and easy to install the replacement face bracket in your VR headset. Wider and thicker increase contact between your face and the headset, reducing facial pressure effectively.

∙ Unique Breathable Design: Our face pad replacement designed with breathable holes on the leather pad surface relieves temperature and the L-shaped Vents Interface Bracket design with full-width grills located on the top and bottom of the interface, improve air circulation and reduce fogging,provide a more comfortable game experience.

∙ Anti-leakage: Come with customized glasses spacer added, making it much more comfortable for glasses-wearing players and protect your Quest-2 lenses from dirt and dust when not in use. The nose pad is perfect fit prevent light leakage and keeps steam from rising and fogging up your vision.

∙ Super Stable and Anti-dirty: Improve stability and support long-term wear to keep you comfortable with the vr headset facial interface. The face pad is made of high-quality Leather and wider memory foam, which is soft and easy to clean. Explore the VR world, move your body, and enjoy every minute.

Super Comfortable Fully Equipped

Sonicgrace Quest-2 face cushion pad bracket is perfect accessories whenever you share your VR headset with friends and family! It can bring full protection to your device, package included: Breathable Vents Bracket, Lens Protector, Breathable Protein Leather Foam, Protein Leather Foam, Lightproof Nose Pad, Thumb Stick Caps, Reusable Velcro, giving you fully equipped to enjoy immersive entertainment.

Comfort & Sweat-proof & Easy Clean Face Pad

The quest-2 face pad replacement is made of soft protein leather foam which is soft and easy to clean. 2pcs Sweat-proof and breathable face pads for you to share with others. It protects the facial interface that touches your face when you wear a headset from sweat.

Enhanced Air Circulation

Unique L-Shaped vent design of ventilation and exhaust holes which exhausts the gas generated in the VR eye cover without light leakage, relieves temperature, provides a more comfortable experience.

Friendly for long-term use

The thicker and wider pads of this facial interface bracket distribute gravity more evenly, take the stress off and make you feel no pressure without irritation to your skin.

Lightproof Nose Pad

The nose pad prevents light leakage and keeps steam from rising and fogging up your vision.

2 detachable leather face

With holes is breathable and can keep it dry ; without holes is sweat-proof and easy to clean.